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Getting Started

Getting Started

Creating Your Profile

Creating your employer profile is quick and easy. You have the option of completing all required fields (red asterisk), saving, and then returning to add more info later by choosing the “Edit” button. You can choose a CDL application, or Non-CDL for any non-driving jobs. Once you choose and then save, this option cannot be changed.
Business Info – Enter your business name/address. This information will not be seen on your application. You will be assigned a Carrier Code, which is permanent for your account. Your status will remain “Inactive” until you choose a plan and complete your payment information.

Contact Details – Enter all contact information. This is for our office purposes and will not be seen on your application.

Display Details – This information will be seen on your application. Include a tagline which will draw attention. Some examples are “Excellent Wages”, “Steady Income”, “Family-owned and Operated”. Use phrases that will draw applicants to your postings.

General Info – Enter email addresses for anyone who should receive notification when applications are received and/or submitted.

Custom Title – The default title at the top-center of the application is "Application For Employment". You may prefer to use a different title. For example, some carriers who use Owner-Operators prefer not the use the word "Employment" in the title. Leave this field blank to use the default title. 

Default Value – The title of the job being applied for, such as “Driver”.

Tracking Code – CDLSuite allows you to add your own snippet of code for tracking or analytics purposes. Enter the code provided by the analytics vendor, such as Google, Facebook, or Statcounter. 

Employment History – CDLSuite provides a default set of instructions for applicants to attach their employment history. You can add your own instructions, if preferred. To do this, Copy the default instructions, uncheck the “Use Default” box, Paste the copied instructions, and then edit as you wish. You can change as much or as little as you choose.

What's your time zone? – Be sure to choose your correct time zone.

Background Investigations and Service Provider – Enter all information regarding the individuals and services you use to conduct background searches.

Consent Forms – Choose any additional forms that you require your applicants to complete. The “Preview Form” button will give you an example of each form.

Legal Terms – These are the terms that each applicant must agree to when completing the application. CDLSuite provides a default copy, or you may paste in your own by unselecting the “Use Default” button.

Upload Logo – Attach a logo for your application by uploading a .jpg or .gif image.