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CDLSuite's Category featue allows you to categorize incoming driver applications into groups based on any common elements (keywords) that you select. By placing a single keyword in the Category column you are associating that keyword with the application link to the left of it. You are then able to use that application link in job postings, email or text it to drivers, or place it on your social media sites and websites. 

Application links that are associated with a keyword are referred to as Category Links. Applicants who click on a Category Link are completing an application that is automatically associated with the keyword you selected. Incoming applications will display that keyword in the Category column on the "My Applications" page. This allows you to easily trace each incoming application to a specific category of applications.

For example, choosing the word "Website" and entering it into the Category field in the first row creates an association between that word and the Category Link ending in "001" (www.cdlsuite.com/samplecompany/001). Placing "www.cdlsuite.com/samplecompany/001" on your company website as an application link will cause new applications to be marked "Website" when they are submitted.

Categories can be used to track intended destination as well as origination source, or any other category you choose. For example, by inserting the name or identifier of a terminal or city such as "Terminal-534" in the Category column and then directing recruiters at that terminal to use the Category Link associated with "Terminal-534", ensures all new applications received will be marked "Terminal-534" on the "My Applications" page.

For each Category Link you create you have the ability to select who sees, or does not see, the applications within that group. Choosing "Steve" as a keyword, and then selecting Steve's name in the filter tool allows Steve to see applications associated with this Category. The opposite is also true. Deselecting Joe's name prevents Joe from seeing applications associated with the "Steve" group.

Application Links that do not have the 3-digit numerical extension at the end are still valid. However, they will not be associated with any Category. Applications received with no Category associated display a blank/empty value in the Category column of the "My Applications" listing.

For assistance with setting up Categories, please call Customer Service at 888-209-7427.