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Staff Forms

Staff Forms

CDLSuite's Staff Forms allow you to easily capture and track data related to your applicants, using electronic forms completed online.  You can capture any necessary applicant-specific data directly from the employment application, and then apply additional information to the form online as needed.

One great example of a Staff Form is a New-Hire Checklist. To ensure that nothing is missed in the on-boarding process New-Hire Checklists are often used to document the completion of important tasks and events. In most cases the applicant starts the form by adding his/her personal data to the form, such as name, address, SSN, driver’s license number, and other identifying information. The recruiting staff then updates the form as warranted. 

Staff Forms can be updated and saved, including electronic signature, as often as necessary without ever being printed to paper, scanned, or placed into a file. This feature eliminates the need for applicants to re-key data that has already been provided in the application. You can access them through the applicant’s Document Manager page and download them as a PDF or email to other parties as needed.

To convert your internal forms to digital Staff Forms that you can complete online, simply create the form in the CDLSuite Form Builder and mark it as a “Staff Form” on the form list page. Marking it as a Staff Form tells the system not to send the form to the applicant for completion, but rather to fetch any needed data from the completed application, and then allow your administrators to edit the form as needed.