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How to Create Sub-folders

How to Create Sub-folders

You can place more than one form or document into a sub-folder, but it is recommended to create a sub-folder for each individual form/document that you plan to use, including Public forms. When multiple documents are stored in a single sub-folder the system will only monitor the top-most document in the folder.

In Document Routing:

The Document Routing function on the Hires tab is the established method to route your forms/documents to the appropriate sub-folders.

Click the “Add Sub-Folder” button. Choose the folder that you want the folder stored routed to. Name the sub-folder. It is recommended that sub-folders be given names that match the document or form that will be kept in them. Click "Save". You will then need to indicate whether the documents are Required, will Expire, and whether the employee should be notified of expiration.

In Custom Forms:

Accessing the Custom Forms page is a convenient alternative option for routing, because it creates the sub-folder and routes the form to it in a single step. 

Simply click on the “Add Sub-Folder” button to create the sub-folder for the applicable form. In the pop-up, choose the Folder where you want the sub-folder placed. Click “Save” and the sub-folder is created and routed.

To delete the sub-folder, you will need to go to the Folder Setup tool from the Hires tab. Navigate to the sub-folder you want to remove and click the “Delete” icon. The Custom Forms page is automatically updated to reflect the deletion.