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How to Use the Document Manager

How to Use the Document Manager

From your Profile Home Page, choose View Leads/Applicants/Hires > Applicants tab > choose your applicant. This will open up the Document Manager for that individual. From this page, you can manage documents and forms, as well as adding Notes and Next-Actions, text a message, or email an applicant.

Upon navigating to the Document Manager, you will find tabs containing all documents requested and received from applicants.

Completed Forms
With one click, you can view a completed application in the original layout or grid view. This allows you to quickly confirm that desired documents were requested and edit any fillable forms before sending, if necessary. They are downloadable and can be exported to a CSV file. This tab also allows you to send your Application Link to an applicant.

Custom Forms
This tab will show any Custom Forms requested and completed, such as the pre-employment urinalysis notification. They can be edited before sending, if necessary. To send multiple forms to the candidate, simply click the “Send Multiple Forms” button and check the box next to the form you wish to send.

Uploaded Documents
This tab contains any documents uploaded by the applicant or by staff. Use this function to request documents from drivers, such as copies of the driver's medical card, driver’s license or any other document you require. When you click the "Request Documents" button you are actually sending the driver a link to an Upload Page tied to their record in the Document Manager. Any instructions you type in the request will display on the Upload Page. There is an Upload button on the Upload Page which will allow the driver to search on their device (cell phone or computer) for the documents they intend to send. For their driver’s license or medical card, they can simply take a picture using their cell phone and upload it. They can also attach any other documents that they have on their device. Any documents that they upload will automatically link to the driver's record in Document Manager.

Past Employer Forms
This tab contains the applicant’s Visual Work History and provides the option to “Request Additional Work History”. The history grid is also fillable by your staff.

Background Reports
If you activated background investigation services when establishing your profile, they will show on this tab. 

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