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View Leads

View Leads

Leads are prospective candidates who have not yet completed a full application. A Lead record is created each time a prospective candidate completes a QuickApp. Alternatively, you can create a Lead record in on behalf of a prospective candidate by clicking the “Add New Lead” button. 

You can search Leads by date, name, phone, email or location. There are several options for viewing your leads. You can also view any Archived leads.

You have the option to create Rollup Lists, print them and/or export them to a CSV file.

Use the “Quick View” option to get immediate info on a lead such as location, endorsements and CDL type. To the right of the applicant’s name you will find the Archive and Delete options.

To add additional notes or Next-Actions to the applicant file, click the three red bars to the right of the applicant’s name.